Now Available for Small & Medium Sized Businesses

Lucid is a Done-For-You Content Marketing System

Tap an under-utilized source of powerful, targeted traffic 
The same system used by large brands to crush their competition
Proven, scaled, and optimized for small and medium businesses
100% Done for You. No contracts.
Increased traffic, improved lead flow, and more business for you

"Lucid turned one of our biggest headaches into a strong source of business. At this price, it's a no-brainer decision"

Mark Middleton

Scottsdale, AZ

Want to see how Lucid Marketing works ?

The Lucid Process, Step-by-Step....

(Even if you already have a blog) Find (or use existing) domain name with existing backlinks, indexed in Google, clean history
Install wordpress, host the blog, install a high converting content marketing theme, and all necessary plugins
Create complimentary design, categories, and optimize for speed
Install Ad Rotate and create / place your offer on all pages / posts
Create pop-up / optin to capture leads or direct traffic to your offer or sales page
Create complimentary facebook page
Start generating content relevant to your business, 1000 - 2000 words per article is optimal
Run content through Copyscape to verify originality
Create wordpress post with image and related internal links
Post same to Facebook page, with link back to original article
Use "auto boost" in Facebook to boost your best performing posts (Very economical, but very powerful)
Repeat this every day for 150 days (5 months)
Or, let Lucid Marketing do this entire process for you for $497 per month for five total months

Let's Put This Into Perspective....

Here's the value proposition of Lucid Marketing......

If you could hire a native, English speaking American, in America, to handle your content marketing for $8.30 per hour, working for two hours a day, every day, for 150 straight days, handling every aspect of your content marketing, would you do it? Of course you would, you'd be crazy not to!

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Lucid Marketing turns content into traffic, leads, and sales

 Benefits of Lucid Marketing

100% Done for You

We handle every step of the process, we've been in internet marketing since before Google! This is a highly refined version of a proven strategy.

No Long-Term $$

Five months is the optimum "sweet spot". After five months, you'll have a complete "fire and forget" system that will drive traffic forever.

Will this work for ???

As long as your business is ethical, moral and legal, Lucid will work. However, we do not accept Pills, Porn, or Casino clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you recommend 5 months?

We've been doing this a long time. Our results indicate that the impact of the program continues to grow for five months, but then effectiveness of NEW content begins to wane. (Previous content continues to improve) Instead of continuing past five months, we recommend another, new blog. Before doing this, contact us, because there are a few opportunities and potential issues to address.

Is this link building, a PBN, or anything "Black Hat"?

Absolutely not! This system feeds the Search Engines exactly what they are looking for; fresh, informative content on a consistent basis. We multiply the value of the content with efficient syndicating and economical boosting.

I'm a small Agency, do you offer a "White Label" service?

Yes, we are happy to allow independent marketers and small agencies resell (and markup) our service under your brand. Contact us for more information.

Can we run multiple blogs simultaneously?

Yes, we have sophisticated clients that have us manage up to 10 blogs, each supporting a different angle on their business. We have specific requirements for hosting such an arrangement. Discounts are available for multiple installs. Contact us for more information.

Consistently happy, satisfied clients

What our customers are saying

Will Blow You Away!

I don't know how Lucid does it. The system just works! No get rich quick baloney, just a solid, proven strategy that builds a rock solid foundation for business success.

Karen Little

Affiliate Marketing Superstars Group

We All Know....

We, as business owners and web marketers, know the power of content and that we must turn content into leads and sales. But hiring and managing writers, editors and social media managers is a major pain point. Until now.

Collin King

The Evolved King Company Inc

Now Available for Small & Medium Sized Business

Let Lucid Marketing turn
difficult, tedious & boring
into increased business

It's not Rocket Surgery. It's a proven, predictable process, that when properly executed, positions your business or brand for more traffic, increased sales, and improved lead flow.


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